Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Before And After: Refinished Childs Rocker

I don't very often do strict refinishing of furniture, but when I do...I always end up enjoying it!
I think at the beginning of these refinishing projects, I feel like I maybe won't enjoy it so much as it's all of the 'work' side of things and none of the creative side. 

But then I remember how much I actually enjoy the 'work' side of my job!! ;-)

I find sanding very therapeutic and the staining and sealing parts are fun, plus I like the challenge. Strict refinishing can get a little technical sometimes, hence the challenge, whereas the creative stuff I normally do is more natural and organic and flowy (if that makes sense!) I can 'feel' what needs to be done while I'm working on the creative stuff and refinishing needs to be more planned and strict and each step followed to a T.

They each have their own positives ;-)

My latest refinishing project was this very sweet antique childs rocker, which originated in the U.S and somehow made it's way out here to Oz years ago.
I think it's a beautiful American style - not something that we Aussies see very often, so it was a real pleasure to work on this unique one :-)

Actually, I enjoy all the pieces I work on! They are all a pleasure to work on! I just loved that this one was made in another country...especially one where a lot of my readers are from and a country that I've actually been to! (Hello to those in The States!! :-)

So this is how it started out -

And now after it has had a little repair work done on the wonky seat, its been sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and re-stained in walnut stain, then sealed with satin poly -

Looks ready to face another few decades of little ones rocking away on it!

I must admit I'm feeling a little stressed atm with projects. I have a LOT of them to do and will have our youngest in tow full-time for the next two weeks. Yikes!!
I generally don't work unless I'm child free - I literally cannot wear my 'mum' hat AND my 'work' hat at the same time, it would end in tears. Probably mine. However I may need to break that rule just this once to try and complete some projies...if you have any suggestions on how to paint/sand etc with a four year old...I'd love to hear them!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

Courts xx


Sue SA said...

Umm yes even 6 and 8 year olds in tow when you are trying to "work" can "help" and nearly drive you nuts! So my husband finds sacrificial wood in the shed for them to paint. eg scrap wood that he convinces them is actually a road/bridge that they could use in their play if they painted it! And we have them paint on the lawn, with old cheap brushes that then get chucked in the bin, less mess, less hassle for grown ups. However DH learned this lesson after Mr 7 (at the time) insisted on doing all the concreting work around the edge of our pavers himself! Personally I have been know to use favorite snack food and new DVD from library to borrow some sanity time sewing inside...but much easier to keep an ear/eye on them inside then when you nee to be outside. Oh and watering the garden is a good distraction too, if they have a watering can. Good luck.

Sue SA said...

Forgot to mention that I love your chair, just beautiful and I own a doll and doll quilt that would look real sweet on it!

Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

Sadly I'm in the same boat and need tips about working (or really doing anything productive at all) with kids, BUT I love this chair and I think it's so great that you brought it back to it's original beauty. Way to go!

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