Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Before And After: Two Upholstered Antique Chairs


So it seems my posting-here-once-a-week is going swimmingly so far! Thanks for sticking with me during my blogging slump, I appreciate you coming back to see what I've been up to :-)

Speaking of what I've been up to...

Over winter I tend to have more upholstery projects - which I love because it means I can set up in front of the TV, put on a movie and work away in the warmth. 
I also seem to have an abundance of ottomans/footstools here and they are usually the perfect height to sit a chair on to upholster ;-)
The only down side is the clean up afterwards. Staples everywhere. It's not my favorite part. 

I have two chairs to show you that I reupholstered over winter for clients. 
Unfortunately I must have deleted all my pics of the second chair, so I'm sharing the same pics I posted on Instagram. 

The first one is an antique rocker that my client scored when they bought a farmhouse. It had been sitting unused on the verandah for a while but was still in good nic. 
The colour worked for them so it was a refinish of the timber arms and some new fabric in the same tone. Take a look!

The before -

And a little footstool to match...

This was underneath the old fabric! Pretty cool, right? My client thinks her Grandma might have embroidered it! It was definitely NOT thrown out like most of the 'before' fabrics do ;-)

And the other chair and footstool combo I did started out looking like this -

They weren't bought together and in this before pic, don't go together at all...but now -

Much better!

This one had its ugly, dark stain removed and then was waxed for protection.

And for the upholstery for both of these, I did what I always do, which is to follow along what the previous upholsterer did. I take photos as I'm removing the old fabric - sometimes video too so I can give my future self advice if I'm not going to be working on the chair again in the next couple of days.

Very high tech, I know ;-)

It's been action stations as per normal around here as I work on quite a few pieces at once, plan for my annual market stall in December as well as being a mum, taxi, housekeeper etc as per normal and hectic everyday life.

Some days by the end, I have to take myself out for a walk (I drag Doyle, our dog out too!) just so my frustrations don't cause world war 3 or worse...children in tears.
I always find it's worse during the first few weeks of daylight savings. There is usually a period of adjustment and everyone ends up a bit grumpy by the days end. This year it seems to be dragging on longer.

I always remember an old client from hairdressing days who was a social worker telling me that the busiest time of year for her, with lots and lots of callouts is the days around when daylight savings starts.

Amazing that an hour difference can have such a big impact on our lives!

Anyway...thanks for listening :-)

See you next week,

Courts xx


Elisabeth said...

Hey Courts!
Wow! The chairs are fabulous! Well done! Have you actually taught yourself how to do the upholstery work? It looks really professional.
Thanks for sharing (and inspiring!).
Liz (in Australia)

Courtney said...

Hi Liz!

Yes I'm self taught, thanks to google and you tube ;-)
I get better with each one I do, but thanks for saying they look professional! that's made my day!!

Nice to meet a fellow Aussie!!

Courts xx

lollymuzz said...

Hi Courts! Thought I'd actually post over here rather than Insta for once! I particularly love your grey chair and stool combo....it's amazing how stripping those arms and legs makes all the diff! Daylight savings continues to wreak havoc in this household too!
Sarah x

Madelaine McDonald said...


Amazing job! Just wondering what kind of wax you used on the grey chair and footstool? I am refurbing a 50s armchair (first timer!!) and love this blonde look. Any idea what type of timber this chair was?
Love your work and have taken inspiration from your painters drop cloth re-cover a few weeks ago for my chair cover!

Thanks in advance!


Courtney said...

Hi Sarah!

Haha, we do kinda love insta, don't we?! Yeah, the paler timber look just brings dark things bang up to date :-) I could def kick back with a good book on either of these.
We are finally making some headway with daylight savings...still a ways to go though. It just seems to be taking longer this year! Glad we're not the only ones ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Courts xx

Courtney said...

Hi Madi!

I used beeswax on the timber arms...it could possibly have been the Miss Mustard Seed one, it's my favorite!
I'm not sure what this timber was, sorry, but if there are any little dings or scratches on your chair, look closely in those and that will show its true colour hiding underneath. :-)
Ah the drop cloths are perfect! Make sure you give it a wash and iron first (can't remember if I wrote that!) to remove the starchiness or whatever film they coat them with.
Good luck with yours, and let me know how you go! I'm happy to help if you get stuck, just email me honey.

Courts xx

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