Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Tale Of Leaky Gut.

As I type this, I am away from home and my now familiar MAC. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get photo's loaded onto this PC, so I've moved this planned-for-the-future post up the list because it's something I can publish without any pictures.

As you can tell from the post title, its all about leaky gut. Well my leaky gut. And I really could not come up with any pic ideas to go along with it!

So if you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know I've got leaky gut and have been on a 6 week detox to start the healing process. It's been tough, I've gotta say and I definitely have a new found appreciation of gut health and I will never, ever take it for granted again!

So what is leaky gut? Well my understanding is that it means the lining of the gut has been compromised or develops small holes etc that large undigested food particles can slip through into the body where they are definitely not meant to go. This causes a number of not very nice symptoms - of which I'm sure a quick google can fill you in on, if you are curious - but the good news is it can be repaired!

So how can you get leaky gut? I'll only talk about my own scenario here, and for me it came about from a bacterial infection I got from something I ate. Possibly I undercooked chicken or something, I don't really know. So having this bad, bad bacteria in my system coupled then with antibiotics (which are really harsh on the gut, I never knew this), weakened my gut lining. Even though I was eating clean, unprocessed foods and had been for a long time, I hadn't eaten much of anything that was full of good bacteria for my gut. Hello leaky gut!

My symptoms have been going on for a long, long time as it's taken ages to get to the bottom of what was actually wrong with me. Doctors visits, tests, waiting to hear back from doctors who forget to actually check their emails for tests results, more doctors visits, more tests, more waiting.
Like I said, its taken a while! And also taken it's toll on my body. I am really low in iron as well as most other vital minerals and vitamins because even though I eat really well, nothing is in my system long enough to be absorbed. I have been told by family/friends that don't see me everyday that I look exhausted or terrible and other even worse things. Yeah it's not the nicest thing to hear, so if you see me in the street and think I look terrible, rest assured I'm on top of my health and doing everything I can to be back to 100% healthy again.

 I am now under the support and guidance of a wonderful naturopath and I've just completed a very strict 6 week detox. This involved removing all toxins from my diet, which for me probably wasn't so bad as I eat so well anyway, but I did have to cut out coffee and red meat and also my favorite go-to meal base...eggs. I actually have to keep away from eggs for a while longer as one of the tests I had revealed I react to egg whites, cows milk and peanuts. The last two doesn't bother me as I don't eat them anyway, but eggs are hard to go without!

I did discover coyo on my detox! I've never been a yoghurt lover, but plain yoghurt made from coconuts...yes please!! So the detox wasn't all bad ;-)

I also took lots of herbal support during my detox, most of them were nice thank goodness.

It will take a few months to completely heal this gut of mine and so far I've had some improvements and some setbacks. I'm positive that it's going to be even better than ever once it's healed as I now know about eating for gut health and the importance of good gut health. There is so much information out about it now if you go looking for it - although as far as I'm concerned, its not nearly enough. It needs to be in everyone's faces. All this has really rung true for me about eating for health and thinking of food as medicine etc.

So what can you do to ensure you have good gut health? Well that, my friends is your homework! Haha! You can research what works best for you and your body, but for me right now it means eating fermented foods daily, not drinking water during my meals, eating coyo, bone broth, drinking kombucha and (after I do a little more research on synthetic and non-synthetic) taking probiotics. I also want to look more into food combining - which helps with digestion as different foods digest at different rates.

Congratulations if you've made it all the way to the end! Thanks for reading and I hope this gets you thinking about your own gut health and maybe do a little research yourself.
That was my sole aim by sharing my story here - to perhaps spark a little interest on this subject in you, my lovely reader. I want you to continue to have good gut health and health in general too!

Courts xx


Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

We should compare notes, I've been doing heaps of research on the best foods to help with my issues too. Isn't it funny how we take our health for granted until it revolts on us!! Hope you're back to awesome health ASAP x

sarahelliott2014 said...


allourdaysblog.com said...

Hi Courts! Gah! I just sent a huge message only to have it go up into the ether, so I'll try to capture it again! I've been so interested in your leaky gut story, and the fact that the naturopath is being so helpful. As you know we've undergone a real food focus in healing our autoimmune issues in this household over the past year. I too researched the heck out of gut health. One of my best health resources by far (and it's free!) has been The Wellness Guys podcasts. Regarding gut health, my understanding of it was consolidated with their podcast with Dr Christabelle Yeoh (Episode 94 - The Gut Brain Connection). Do have a listen if you have a spare half hour up your sleeve; if you don't already listen to these guys, I know you'd get a heap out of them! At present we are trying to work our way through our middle daughter's gut issues, which have been rather a nightmare this past few months (yup, we've got number 1 and her arthritis under control, now we've added another string to our health bow). I may have to ask the name of your naturopath down the track. we have been soothing symptoms with the Osteopath, but don't really have naturopathic help here. We're just doing all the celiac testing (negative) and starting to look at fructose etc. Gosh, I'll sign off before this becomes a blog post rather than a comment! Well done to you for addressing that leaky old gut! Your partner in Coyo, Sarah x

Courtney said...

Ah thanks Sarah! I 'm going to have a listen, so thanks heaps for the reco. I've never listened to a podcast before but I've googled and found it! Will do tomorrow...bit late now ;-)
Have you read 'it starts with food'? It talks a little about leaky gut and autoimmune diseases and how/why they start. It's really interesting! I'm thinking now that sugar/fructose could be the big issue for me too. Dammit! Am putting myself back on the whole 30 to see if that is it. Also will add in as much fermented foods (good bacteria) as I can handle.
Glad to pass on my naturopath's info when you're ready :-)
All the best with your daughters xx

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