Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Before And After: Antique Meat Safe

So sorry I missed last week's post! It is half written, it's the photo side of things that let me down. But I have a very cool one to share today, as well as a little insight into how I 'sometimes' work...which may or may not freak you out!
You'll know what I mean when you read that particular part :-)

I know I've said this before - every now and then you come across an extra special piece of furniture. Vintage or antique...they're all special, but those extra special ones that just have a little *something about them are just a little more exciting to work on.

And this one needed A LOT OF WORK ;-)

It's hard to see in the before photo, but it if you blew on it with a little force it would have fallen to pieces.

But it had that *something.

Character. Charm. History

Whatever you want to call it...it had it in abundance!

So to work, we went.

And when I say we...I mean Tony. I wish I could do the rebuildey stuff. I pretty much know what needs doing and how to go about it, I just haven't had the power tool experience yet. 
I'm happy to admit that I'm scared of the circular saw, or power saw (whatever it's called;-) and am also happy to stay away from it.

But deep down somewhere (probably jammed in-between my patience and those other traits that I rarely access) lies a desire to be able to do-it-all-myself. Or DIAM if we're shortening it. I might as well coin myself a new phrase! Move over DIY, there's a new acronym in town!
DIAY! Now we can all use it :-)

There have been many DIY's in the past where I haven't actually 'done it all myself'. Maybe I needed help removing a screw or drilling some holes. 
It mightn't be much, but it takes away that 'complete' sense of achievement one gets when you finish a project. There is always that niggling feeling that I didn't, in fact, DIAM.
I DMOIM (did most of it myself) but not all. 

How can I sleep at night? ;-)

Quite easily, to be honest...this is not the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night, haha ;-)

I digress.

So because this piece was so very special and Tony had the rebuild covered - I liaised with my beautiful clients who agreed to give me creative control with this one. Gosh I love them!;-)
I loved how it looked, which is saying something because I am not typically a lover of the colour blue. Not for furniture anyway. I'd always choose green over blue.

I wanted to...look there's no way to say this without sounding like a crazy person, so I'll just get over that and be honest with you...I wanted to 'feel' what the piece wanted me to do to it.
There. I said it. 
I talk to furniture. Well no, that's not quite right. I listen to furniture.
Strap a straight jacket on me, if you like...but it's true. 
Sometimes an old piece speaks to me and I just 'know' what to do with it. My hands just do whatever they're meant to do and the design just evolves organically without me having to really 'think' at all.
Is that weird?!  

And that is most definitely what happened with this one!

Luckily for me, my clients (the meat safe's new owners) loved the finished look!
The meat safe is happy, it's owners' are happy and I'm happy...win,win,win!!

There you have it. One of my most recent projects plus a little insight into the weirdness that is me. 
What more could you want for your Tuesday?! ;-)

I'm not going to bother with any of the technical stuff today, except to say all the paint work (new and old) has been sealed with water based poly.

If you have any questions though, feel free to email me (apprentice extrovert@gmail.com) I'm only too happy to help! :-)

Hope you have a fantastic week!

Courts xx


Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

Adorbs :)

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

I gushed over this one on insta and still love it. I totally get listening to a piece, that's why I sometimes struggle with a custom piece that a client has requested a particular finish when I don't think it will be symbiotic. Come and stay with me for a week, ill get you going on the power tools, I love them :)

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