Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Courts Update

So its been a while. Sorry. 
I think we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that the frequency of me posting on here is going to be a surprise. Who knows when it will happen!
Sorry about that but unfortunately it's the best I can do at the moment. 
Life is busy and the nights (when I would usually sit and type blog posts) are more often spent trying to get girls into bed, working on stuff for the committee that I'm on or I'm in bed early from exhaustion. 

But just know that I do miss blogging and it's not something I'm ready to give away just yet, I just can't commit to regular posting like I tried to late last year. I really gave it my best!

So what have I been up to?

My health situation (leaky gut) has been pretty much doing my head in. I got better, then worse and it didn't seem to matter what I ate, I still had bad symptoms.

So I rebelled and gave in to my mega cravings for carbs and ate bread. And hot chips.
I was completely over cooking three times a day and had lost my mojo in the kitchen, hence the rebellion. 
My paleo/clean diet was a way of life and was so easy for me to commit to because of how good I felt. But when you have these not very nice symptoms for an extended period of time no matter how good I ate...well something had to give. I found that eating toast and hot chips actually helped reduce my symptoms. Go figure!

BUT...eating processed bread again also has (of course!) a negative side. Which is why I gave all that cr*p food away a couple of years ago. I have major brain fog as well as feeling flat and a little bloating. Those additives, preservatives and lack of any nutrition in that fake food really mess with us. And I know that, have known it for a long time but when you experience it first hand...well its a real eye opener.

It was more likely the carbohydrate part that is helping, not the fact that it was bread or chips. This is something that I need to research more and probably need expert help with, but it's definitely interesting!

So my gut health and eating are kind of in no-mans land right now, but my fitness is still improving. 
Exercise is something that I haven't lost my mojo for. Yay!
I train 4/5 times a week at Fuzion fitness here in Horsham and I just love it! I love the atmosphere and have met some fantastic people!
At each assessment I've had there I've made muscle gains each time while my measurements have either pretty much stayed the same or gone down. I'm very happy with that. :-)

This is me in January about to go and train at the hotel gym when I was in Melbourne for the tennis. It was early morning so forgive the bedhead look ;-)

I haven't done too much work of late as one child has been home sick all last week, but I have plenty on the cards and have lots to show you, it is just finding the time to get posts written and photos uploaded - it can just be so time consuming sometimes!

Anyway, thanks for reading and persevering with me, I truly appreciate it!

Hope you are well!!

Courts xx

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Sue SA said...

Sorry to hear that your health is not improving, I hope you find the answer or the right doctor soon.

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